Local Authority Association of Vanuatu

The Local Authorities Association of Vanuatu (LAAV) is a very new association. It was launched with the help of the government of Vanuatu Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2012 following a long campaign by Shefa Province which had been the leading authority in representing Vanuatu’s local governments.

The heads of the six provincial and municipal councils took part in the launch which took place at the Shefa provincial headquarters in Port Vila, which is currently hosting the new association. The association’s constitution and corporate plan were also launched at the same time. The then President of Shefa, Lami Sope, was elected chairman of the new association. Following his election, he said the birth of the association came as a result of strong partnership with the national government, regional partners, donor partners and NGOs.

The funding support for LAAV and other Pacific local government associations is managed by FSPI (The Foundation of the People’s of the South Pacific) and comes from VNG/ARIAL. Members of LAAV also pay an annual subscription fee to help fund the operations of their local association.

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